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From be- +‎ smell.


besmell (third-person singular simple present besmells, present participle besmelling, simple past and past participle besmelled)

  1. (transitive, emphatic) To smell out; sniff about, around, or all over; investigate or check by smelling; detect a smell or a scent.
    • 1708, Michael Bruce, Good news in evil times for fainting believers:
      I'll tell you News, Sirs, I carry a little Muist-box (which is the Word of GOD) in my Bosom, and when I meet with the ill Air of ill company, that's like to gar me Swarf, I besmell my self with the 'sweet lavour of it, and with the Name ...
    • 2012, George R.R. Washington, Alan Goldsher, A Game of Groans: A Sonnet of Slush and Soot:
      Juan positioned himself by the side of the building, peeked through an open window, and found the feast a sight to behold, and a scent to besmell.