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Alternative forms[edit]


besotten (comparative more besotten, superlative most besotten)

  1. infatuated
    • Playwright Marquis devises considerable fun with the vagaries of ignorant and besotten men in contact with an approachable countess and a haughty courtesan, ... — Time Magazine, "New Plays in Manhattan", 27 Jan; 1930
  2. intellectually or morally blinded
    • ... may have wakened whatever still remained of the gallant and high-spirited Polish nature in this morose and besotten old Stuart. — Violet Paget (Vernon Lee), "The Countess of Albany", 1910
  3. intoxicated
    • It was painful for him to sit there, besotten and broken, and listen to others playing. — Selma Lagerlöf, "The Girl From the Marsh Croft", Little, Brown, and Company, Boston, 1910
    • Now, one's mind is immediately brought to trips to Mexico by thousands of drunken, drug-besotten teenagers for "spring break" ..." — "The Mixed Blessing: Caritas in Veritate, Part III", 2009



  1. past participle of besot
    • While you were besotten with Ringera, Mang'eli and Mau..... — archived forum, 2009