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From be- (on, upon, about) +‎ spell.


bespell (third-person singular simple present bespells, present participle bespelling, simple past and past participle bespelled)

  1. (transitive) To cast a spell upon; to enchant, bewitch.
    • 2014, Maggie MacKeever, Vampire, Bespelled:
      Andrei doubted Miss Kincaid was of an easily persuaded nature. “I must?” “You cannot bespell her. The thing must be given freely or misfortune rebounds.” Ah, but Andrei had already bespelled the lass. Or mayhap she had bespelled him.
    • 2015, Robert A. Paul, Mixed Messages:
      Then just before the attack itself, the simbuk bespelled each fighter with the most powerful form of war magic, a leaf of a variety of croton which each warrior had to keep on his tongue until the end of the encounter (it was fatal if swallowed): [...]