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be- +‎ sweeten



besweeten (third-person singular simple present besweetens, present participle besweetening, simple past and past participle besweetened or (obsolete) besweetned)

  1. (literary, rare) Sublimely sweeten.
    • 1648, Robert Herrick, Hesperides (1969 reprint, Scolar Press facsimiles), “Oberon’s Feast”, lines 15–17 (pages 136137)
      A pure ſeed-Pearle of Infant dew, // Brought and beſweetned in a blew // And pregnant violet; […]


  • besweeten” listed as a derivation of “Be- prefix”, treated on pages 719723 of volume I (A–B) of A New English Dictionary on Historical Principles [1st ed., 1885]
      Be- prefix: — OE. be-, weak or stressless form of the prep. and adv. (biᵹ), By. […] 2. Forming intensive verbs, with sense of ‘thoroughly (extension of 1), soundly, much, conspicuously, to excess, ridiculously.’ […] besweeten […] 1648 Herrick Hesp. I. 166 Dew..*besweetned in a..violet.