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be- +‎ trousered


betrousered (not comparable)

  1. (usually humorous) Wearing pants or trousers.
    • 1862 August, William Edmondstoune Aytoun (anonymously), "The Rights of Women", Blackwood's Magazine, p. 182:
      [W]hat undoubted mastery they have gained over some scores of betrousered twaddlers
    • 1911, David Graham Phillips, The Grain of Dust:
      Their appreciations are dependant, often in the most curious indirect ways, upon the fact that the author [] is betrousered.
    • 1986, Judie Newman, "Kate Chopin, Short Fiction and the Art of Subversion", in Robert A. Lee (ed.) The Nineteenth-century American short story, p. 152:
      'Regret' takes as its theme the regret of a betrousered old maid for the children she has never had.

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