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From beauty.


bewdy ‎(plural bewdies)

  1. Eye dialect spelling of beauty.
    • 1933, Blackwood's Magazine, Volume 233, page 350,
      [] Say,” she continued, “ I wish I had time ta take ya to a bewdy parlor. Yew'd look cute by the time I had ya face fixed and ya eyebrows done and ya hair waved.”
    • 1936, The American Caravan, Volume 5, page 625,
      This was bewdy.
    • 2008, Nage Archer, Slave Heart, page 189,
      Lovely smile, doncha know. She wos a bewdy, pretty as a rosella.
  2. (Australia, informal) A beauty: a beautiful person or thing; an especially good example of something.
    • 1987, Don Chipp, John Larkin, Chipp, page 35,
      The day before the Press Club luncheon, I was in Traralgon, Victoria, when a fellow came up to me in a bar and said, ‘Chippy, that bloody slogan suits you down to the ground. It′s a bewdy.’
    • 1993, Venero Armanno, The Lonely Hunter, page 15,
      [] Look at this bewdy.’ Romeo held out a fat rose from the bush he was pruning.
    • 1997, Paul Mitchell, Dodging the Bull, page 94,
      But she still cooks a bewdy of a roast.
    • 2000, Ian Jack (editor), Australia: The New New World, Granta, page 172,
      ‘'This little bewdy I cut out of a magazine and stuck down on a piece of card... Don′t tell anyone, mind. The tourists love it.’
    • 2004, Peter Smith, Australia in the Raw: An Eclectic Collection of Meandering Musings, page 97,
      Course the silly bugger fell in love with this Yank bewdy called Linda Koslowski and that was the end to his long term marriage.

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  1. (Australia, informal) Used to express enthusiasm, pleasure or approval.
    I scored us a couple of tickets to the match on Saturday.Bewdy, mate!
    • 1993, Patti Walkuski, David Harris, No Bed of Roses: Memoirs of a Madam, page 124,
      The young woman gave them the fingers up and walked back disdainfully, ignoring their whistles and shouts of, ‘Bewdy, you showed him.’
    • 2009, Howard Young, Searching the Crocodile Coast: Sequel to Crocodile Coast Crash, page 6,
      Bewdy!” said Hugh, as he turned away to get his breakfast.
    • 2011, Bruce Guthrie, Man Bites Murdoch: Four Decades in Print, Six Days in Court, page 123,
      ‘Listen, I′ll give it some thought,’ I said. ‘I′ll come back to you tomorrow, okay?’ I was being polite.
      ‘Tomorrow? Bewdy,’ said Mallon.