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From be- (about, around) +‎ woven.


bewoven (comparative more bewoven, superlative most bewoven)

  1. Woven about; woven into or throughout; (by extension) pervasive
    • 1885, Outing, volume 7, page 255:
      [...]; the sun could not be seen for overhanging growth, and even nature's tell-tale, the moss on the trees, thus shrouded in omnipresent gloom, failed to betoken direction in this bewoven, betwisted, betangled growth.
    • 1947, Harriet Monroe, Poetry - Volume 70, Issue 6 - Page 322:
      I try to limn you in the brake / Bewoven greenly, as you may, / But only see the piles that slake / The slavering dark along the bay, [...]
    • 1989, Bagar: A Magazine of Contemporary Writing - Volume 8:
      Let the strong surfict as they like; but knowledge should not belong to mc A true hermit is the sheep. The natural taste being the green, The bleating may not blaspheme the virtues of God Singing the praise in taste, may not the cloth bewoven; [...]
    • 2003, High Fidelity News, Record, Review:
      The playing of all three is never less than sensitive and fluid, and everything is buoyant, achieving a refined funkiness. However, after five minutes, the trio settle into their bewoven spell-making, and there are no further developments.
    • 2008, Jazz Music, Volume 6, Issues 3-10:
      "They have the swing of the saga-bewoven old-time bands."