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Attested in Encarnacion's Diccionario Bisaya-Español—3rd Edition, 1885



  1. (obsolete) snail
    Synonym: hilahila

Tok Pisin[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]



  1. of, belonging to
    sista bilong mi - my sister
    James Leach and Porer Nombo, Reite Plants, p. 10
    ol bai kisim retpela plaua bilong en
    they gather the red flowers of this shrub
    • 1989, Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin, Port Moresby: Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Jenesis 1:25:
      God i kamapim ol kain kain animal bilong ples na ol bikpela na liklik animal bilong bus. God i lukim olgeta dispela samting i gutpela, na em i amamas.
      →New International Version translation
  2. having a tendency to, known for
    man bilong dringim bia - a drunk
    man bilong paitim - an aggressive man
  3. for the purpose of
    James Leach and Porer Nombo, Reite Plants, p. 38
    Skin diwai bilong rausim tewel
    Bark for banishing spirits
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