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bimbo +‎ -esque


bimboesque (comparative more bimboesque, superlative most bimboesque)

  1. Like a bimbo; ditzy and foolish.
    • 1999, Larry Elliott, Dan Atkinson, The Age of Insecurity
      Kite's bimboesque daughter (Liz Fraser) is totally bemused by her dad's monomaniacal obsession with politics...
    • 2002, Hazel Dixon-Cooper, Born on a Rotten Day
      Of course, your Gemini will be much more stable, and less bimboesque, but she also will be a woman of many interests, all dependent upon her mood...
    • 2005, Suzanne Gordon, Nursing against the odds generated a rare national campaign of nurses who protested the show's bimboesque depiction of both nurses and nursing students.