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bimbo +‎ -fication


bimbofication (uncountable)

  1. The process of making or becoming a bimbo.
    • 1999, Phoebe: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Feminist Scholarship, Theory and Aesthetics, Volumes 11-12, page 78:
      From my training as an anthropologist l observed what l call rampant bimbofication. Look at TV. Bimbos. Look at magazines. Bimbos. Go to the mall, the marketplace of our culture, and what do you find? Everywhere images of women with preposterous lips, blackened eyes and pushed up breasts.
    • 2007, Marc Gellman, "The Cautionary Tale of Anna Nicole", Newsweek, 13 February 2007:
      I see the bimbo-fication of young girls all the time in my affluent suburban synagogue. Sadly, some of the brightest adolescent girls around the age of 12 suddenly try to dumb themselves down so that they can attract a boyfriend who will not be scared off by their intelligence.
    • 2015, Michele White, "How 'your hands look' and 'what they can do': #ManicureMonday, Twitter, and Useful Media", Feminist Media Histories, Volume 1, Number 2, Spring 2014, page 9:
      These scientists relate #ManicureMonday and nail polish to young girls, code it as frivolous, and indicate that people who engage in nail art and manicures are in need of education. For example, a scientist associates these things with "bimboficaton culture."
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