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biography +‎ -ette


biographette (plural biographettes)

  1. A short biography.
    • 1839, L. Carroll Judson, A biography of the signers of the Declaration of independence: and of Washington and Patrick Henry. With an appendix, containing the Constitution of the United States and other documents, Volume 2[1], pages 165:
      The juvenile education of the subject of this biographette was limited to the elementary English branches, then but superficially taught in the common schools.
    • 1904, The American amateur photographer, Volume 17[2], pages 391:
      In giving the six examples of the work of D. O. Hill, or more correctly "Hill & Adamson," as it was spoken of at the time of its production, the editors have laid their readers under a debt of obligation that the subscription ten times over could not pay; especially, strengthened, as it is, by the brief but accurate biographette of Hill himself, by J. Craig Annan.
    • 1985, Jerold Savory, Patricia Marks, The smiling muse: Victoriana in the comic press[3], pages 24:
      An excerpt from the accompanying biographette indicates how thoroughly she has been Americanized into a working woman with a son in the advertising business.