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bio- +‎ political


biopolitical (comparative more biopolitical, superlative most biopolitical)

  1. Of or pertaining to biopolitics.
    • 2000, Michael Hardt; Antonio Negri, Empire, Harvard University Press, OCLC 41967081, page 27:
      Foucault argued in several works in the mid-1970s that one cannot understand the passage from the “sovereign” state of the ancien régime to the modern “disciplinary” state without taking into account how the biopolitical context was progressively put at the service of capitalist accumulation []
    • 2004 August 7, Edward Rothstein, “For Radical Visionaries, the Evil Empire Is Us”, in The New York Times[1], ISSN 0362-4331:
      They [Hardt & Negri] write of a “biopolitical” revolution—one that will transform every aspect of life. “The flesh of the multitude,” they say, “is an elemental power.” It will act like some immense bio-organism, restructuring the body politic.
    • 2014, Ben Lerner, 10:04:
      [] a new biopolitical vocabulary for expressing racial and class anxiety: Instead of claiming brown and black people were biologically inferior, you claimed they were — for reasons you sympathized with, reasons that weren’t really their fault — compromised by the food and drink they ingested; all those artificial dyes had darkened them on the inside.
    • 2016, Antje Dallmann, Eva Boesenberg, Martin Klepper, Approaches to American Cultural Studies (page 143)
      A global corporate power, Del Rio Inc., attempts to refunction a Mexican peasant culture of small-holders for biopolitical exploitation by commodifying the water that sustains their way of life.

Derived terms[edit]