black don't crack

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Alternative forms[edit]


black don't crack

  1. People of African descent tend to wrinkle less with age than people with fairer skin.
    • 1975 December 11, Geoffrey Brown, “People Are Talking About”, in Jet[1], page 50:
      [] Ms. [LaWanda] Page revealed to the [white] girl that she is 55 years old. Then, before the girl could stammer her disbelief, Ms. Page quipped, "Well, you know, Black don't crack!"
    • 2013, E.N. Joy, I Ain't Me No More, →ISBN:
      She was going to be an example of black don't crack.
    • 2015, C. M. Fox & K. C. Dillon, Conversations of a Conscious Black Girl, →ISBN:
      Okay, so usually black don't crack — unless we aren't living right.
    • 2016, Jonathan Harvey, The History of Us, →ISBN:
      But there again, she looked amazing in the flesh too. Well, you know what they say. Black don't crack.