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Blend of blawg +‎ blogger.


blawger (plural blawgers)

  1. (Internet) A person who runs a blawg (law blog).
    • 2003, ABA Journal, March 2003, page 2 (table of contents):
      Attorneys are finding fans (and some fame) by posting legal commentary on the Internet. Here's a look at four such blawgers.
    • 2009, Judy M. Cornett, "The Ethics of Blawging: A Genre Analysis", Loyola University Chicago Law Journal, Volume 41, Issue 1, Fall 2009, page 240:
      First, there is fear that the lack of accountability conferred by the cloak of anonymity will permit blawgers to make false or scurrilous claims.
    • 2011, Peter Groves, A Dictionary of Intellectual Property Law[1], page 32:
      Intellectual property lawyers are perhaps the most enthusiastic blawgers.
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