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  1. simple past tense and past participle of blemish


blemished (comparative more blemished, superlative most blemished)

  1. Having blemishes; flawed.
    • 2001, Robert Weissberg, Chapter 18: Academic Tyranny: The Tale and the Lessons, Stuart S. Nagel (editor), Handbook of Public Policy Evaluation, page 111,
      Stated sharply, today′s centers of higher learning are more blemished than superficial appearances suggest, and what often seems “democratic” is little more than contrived public displays.
    • 2008, Ritchie Devon Watson, Normans and Saxons: Southern Race Mythology and the Intellectual History of the American Civil War[1], page 65:
      One of them in fact singled out Rebecca, not the marmoreal Rowena, as the novel′s most blemished character. “She is,” he complained, “too near perfection. []
    • 2010, Holly S. Ruddock, Life in Your Losses: Transformation Through Trials[2], page 186:
      The most blemished life will not keep His love from pouring out. It is the blemished and the marked, the hurting and the rejected that stirs this love in Him.

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