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blender +‎ -ize


blenderize (third-person singular simple present blenderizes, present participle blenderizing, simple past and past participle blenderized)

  1. (transitive) To liquefy (food) in a blender.
    • 2007 August 28, Ben Ratliff, “Headliner Can’t Make It? Here’s a First-Class Fill-In”, in New York Times[1]:
      He has returned, leading small jazz bands, and the one he led on Sunday had a curious duality. Mr. Williams is a crowd pleaser, with a neat synthesis of John Coltrane’s and Cannonball Adderley’s phrasing and harmonic language; his pianist, Eric Lewis, was a crowd-riler, moving from ostinatos to blenderized whirls of notes, hitting the keys about as hard as anyone can, lodging his solos into your neck.

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