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bling (uncountable)

  1. Alternative form of bling bling
    • 2008 January 19, Peter Sagal, Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me!, National Public Radio:
      Apparently also the Saudis gave him as presents fabulous bling, [] vast necklaces encrusted with jewels and rubies.
  2. Ostentatious display of richness or style.
    • 2012 April 23, Angelique Chrisafis, “François Hollande on top but far right scores record result in French election”, in the Guardian[1]:
      His stance as being against the world of finance and his proposal of a 75% tax on incomes over €1m (£817,000) was approved by a majority in polls. He was convinced that his more measured, if ploddingly serious, style would win out with an electorate tired of Sarkozy's bling and frenetic policy initiatives.

Derived terms[edit]