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blogorrhoea (uncountable)

  1. (Britain, Australia) Alternative spelling of blogorrhea
    • 2009, Greg Egan, Crystal Nights and Other Stories, Subterranean Press (2009), →ISBN, page 48:
      Daniel respected Gupta's business acumen, but in the unlikely event that his software ever became conscious, the sheer cruelty of having forced it to wade through the endless tides of blogorrhoea would surely see it turn on its creator and exact a revenge that made The Terminator look like a picnic.
    • 2009, James Jeffrey, "Warming to his theme", The Australian, 23 November 2009:
      Andrew Bolt has been in the grips of blogorrhoea since hackers broke into the Climatic Research Unit's server at the University of East Anglia, releasing thousands of emails revealing what could politely be called a lack of consensus on global warming.
    • 2009, Giles Coren, "Newspapers, dead? Better monetise me now", The Times (UK), 22 August 2009:
      So I need to digitise my “me-ness”, thus making my witless podshout and blogorrhoea uniquely monetisable.