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blond +‎ -ly


blondly (comparative more blondly, superlative most blondly)

  1. In a blond manner.
    • 1969, Booth Tarkington, Some old portraits: a book about art and human beings, page 1:
      The portrait shows Essex's hair waved, almost curled, and dark auburn, darker than the blondly reddish beard, and this might be an accident of pigments unequally deepened by time; but that's improbable.
    • 1984, Samuel R. Delany, Carl Freedman, Stars in my pocket like grains of sand (page 85)
      I got chills, while on Clym's blondly hairy foot, a mechanical beetle with copper pincers crawled amidst tattooed green and yellow crenna roothairs, to disappear under his pants' cuff.
    • 1993, Wright Morris, Writing my life: an autobiography, page 380:
      Calvin's younger, and blondly pretty, brother proved to be a budding backwoods aesthete.