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Particularly: “Related to 'blotto'?”


blootered (comparative more blootered, superlative most blootered)

  1. (slang) drunk
    • 1997, John Davies, Drugspeak[1]:
      I found my drinking eased up when the all day drinking came in Scotland because although we all went mad on it at first, we were blootered every day, but after about 6 months you began to realise you could have a drink any time.
    • 1999, Duncan McLean, Bucket of Tongues[2]:
      And then a bunch of guys jumped up the front step and into the corridor; they had their arms around each others’ shoulders and appeared to be completely blootered, although the reception had only been going an hour or so: these guys must’ve been chucking the bevvy back all through the meal, full steam ahead from the start.
    • 2005, Stuart MacBride, Cold Granite[3]:
      They’d all gone out and got pissed and Logan hadn’t done a bloody thing to stop the PC getting blootered and bollock-naked.

Derived terms[edit]