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From bloviating +‎ -ly.


bloviatingly (comparative more bloviatingly, superlative most bloviatingly)

  1. In a bloviating manner.
    • 1988, Herbert David Croly, The New Republic - Volume 199[1], page 25:
      Such bloviatingly empty phrases, not at all atypical, seem lifted from the original Wallese, that debased political dialect, according to Dwight MacDonald, perfected by Henry Wallace...
    • 2015 December 8, Scott Anderson, “ANDERSON: White privilege, gullibility and true racism”, in InfoTel News Ltd:
      These days almost any would-be academic can fabricate an irrational thesis, bolster it with bloviatingly portentous phraseology, and release it to the great churn of social media where, even though it can't withstand even a cursory logical examination, it is almost guaranteed to catch the imagination of those whose preconceived biases are already aligned with it.
    • 2018 February 4, Euan Ferguson, “The week in TV: Trophy: The Big Game Hunting Controversy; Kiri; Spiral and more – review”, in The Guardian:
      A blue moon, a blood moon, a wolf moon and a talking whale featured, naturally enough, in the first week for a giddily long time in which President Donald wasn’t the most bloviatingly repellent American to hit our screens.