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blowzy (comparative blowzier, superlative blowziest)

  1. Alternative spelling of blowsy
    • 1787, John Wolcot, “Advice to Future Laureat”, in The Poetical Works of Peter Pindar, Esq.[1], volume I, published 1789, page 476:
      Large, red-poll’d, blowzy hard two-handed jades
    • 1880 February, William Blackwood, “Reata; or, What's in a Name.—Part XI”, in Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine[2], volume CXXVII, number DCCLXXII, chapter XXXVIII.—Millinery, page 221:
      She feels a sudden desire possessing her to make Hermine look as ugly as possible, and she knows she can do it with very little effort : she has only to bring down those heavy masses of hair further on to that alrady low forehead, and instead of Kriemhilde, Hermine will like a common-place blowzy dairymaid.
    • 1995 November 12, David Moews, “Alphabet Question”, in rec.puzzles.crosswords, Usenet[3]:
      Blowzy night-frumps vex'd Jack Q.