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blue +‎ bell


bluebell (plural bluebells)

  1. Various flowering plants with blue, usually pendulous, flowers.
    1. In genus Hyacinthoides
      1. common bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)
      2. Spanish bluebell (Hyacinthoides hispanica)
      3. Italian bluebell (Hyacinthoides italica)
    2. In other genera
      1. genus Muscari, the grape hyacinth)
      2. (usually in the plural) Virginia bluebell (Mertensia virginica)
      3. Scottish bluebell (harebell) (Campanula rotundifolia)
        • 1947 January and February, O. S. Nock, “"The Aberdonian" in Wartime”, in Railway Magazine, page 9:
          The cutting sides were gay with heather in bloom, and masses of dainty Scots bluebells, while patches of clear sky overhead were bringing life and colour to the sea.
      4. Australian royal bluebell (Wahlenbergia gloriosa)
      5. Texas bluebell (Eustoma russellianum)
      6. desert bluebell or California bluebell (Phacelia campanularia)

Derived terms[edit]