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bogus +‎ -ify


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bogotify (third-person singular simple present bogotifies, present participle bogotifying, simple past and past participle bogotified)

  1. (computing, slang, transitive) To make bogus, incorrect, or broken.
    • 1996, Jonny Llama, “Re: New hacker”, in alt.hacker (Usenet):
      You little muSoft goons should learn about FAQs before you bogotify yourselves in front of large audiences.
    • 1998 March 15, J Wunsch, “Re: CTT8000-S problems solved”, in mpc.lists.freebsd.scsi[1] (Usenet):
      In theory, this might bogotify the end-of-tape detection (and dump's prompting for a new tape), but in practice the end-of-tape signalling of the st(4) driver is broken anyway.
    • 1999 July 24, Nick Hibma, “kern/8875: Patch to allow DMA IDE with generic chipset + UDMA drives (fwd)”, in muc.lists.freebsd.bugs[2] (Usenet):
      It was a quick fix for the author's Ali motherboard or BIOS but it is obviously wrong in general since it bogotifies the comment preceding it (the point of the "generic" support is to assume that everything is already set up correctly; any hardware programming risks disturbing the setup).
    • 2002 January 23, John Wilson, “Re: Street Atlas 9.0 colors”, in misc.transport.rail.americas[3] (Usenet):
      SA9 Deluxe's screens and printed output were so ugly and the lack of backward compatibility with SA8 and before bogotified it so thoroughly that I sent it back for a refund, and got SA9 non-deluxe instead.