bomb cyclone

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From bomb +‎ cyclone, referring to the extreme rapidity of the storm's development.


bomb cyclone (plural bomb cyclones)

  1. (meteorology) A type of extratropical cyclone characterized by high winds, a high level of precipitation, and rapid development.
    • 1992, Peter Jon Pokrandt, A three-dimensional, nonhydrostatic investigation of warm core cyclogenesis at high latitude, University of Wisconsin--Madison, page 1,
      It has been suggested that some east coast bomb cyclones form by this process (Shapiro and Keyser, 1990).
    • c. 1999, Monthly Weather Review, Volume 128, Issues 1-4, American Meteorological Society, page 403,
      In a compositing study of bomb cyclones, Manobianco (1989) found a prominent localized VM upstream from the developing surface cyclone.
    • 2012, Piero Lionello (editor), The Climate of the Mediterranean Region: From the Past to the Future, Elsevier, page 316,
      However, the bomb cyclones’ size and depth are typically larger in the EM[Eastern Mediterranean] than in its western part (Kouroutzoglou et al., 2011).


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