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Alternative forms[edit]


Calque of Old English bōchord (library, collection of books), equivalent to book +‎ hoard.


bookhoard (plural bookhoards)

  1. (very rare, Anglo-Saxonism) collection of books, library
    • 1850, Alexander M. Burrill, A New Law Dictionary and Glossary[1] (Law), John S. Voorhies, page 153:
      BOC HORDE. Sax. [quasi bookhoard.] / A place where books, writing or evidences were kept.
    • 1876, Herbert Newman Mozley and George Crispe Whiteley, A Concise Law Dictionary[2], Digitized edition, Butterworths, page 48:
      BOCHORD is, as it were, bookhoard, or a hoard for books, that is, a place where books, writings or evidences are kept.
    • 1884, George Stephens, Handbook of the old-Northern Runic Monuments of Scandinavia and England[3], Digitized edition, published 2009, →ISBN, page 86:
      From the excessively rare double-folio engraving "Cornu Aurei Typus", an impression of which is in my own bookhoard; another is in the Danish National Library.
    • 2006 November 14, “Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List”, in Asatru Religion[4], retrieved 2012-02-21:
      Heathen Bookhoard A Reading List

Related terms[edit]