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book +‎ work


bookwork (uncountable)

  1. Accounting work; book keeping.
    • 2009 March 27, Kelvin Healey, “Poker pro Tony Hachem slams ATO tax raid”, in Herald Sun[1]:
      The tax officials seized documents that Tony Hachem said related to a company for which he'd done unpaid bookwork about five years ago.
  2. The art and science of formatting books.
    • 1976, Jack Belzer, Albert G. Holzman, Allen Kent, Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology: Volume 5:
      The development of a typesetting program suite for general bookwork calls for very close cooperation between typographer and programmer.
  3. Work done with the aid of textbooks
    • 2008, Joseph Baldwin, School Management and School Methods[2]:
      The diagram indicates in some degree the relative amount of oral work as compared with bookwork in our best schools.
  4. (chiefly University of Cambridge) The act of memorising information; used attributively to describe or denote questions that test information learned rather than requiring additional thought
    • 1852, Charles Astor Bristed, Five years in an English university[3]:
      The proportion of problems to bookwork done by the candidates is very various. The latter shows more reading, the former evince more natural Mathematical ability.