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Reborrowed from Japanese ボール (bōru, board), itself from English board. Alternatively, an abbreviation of the term Danbooru (from Japanese 段ボール, danbōru, “corrugated cardboard”), the name of a particular imageboard software product. (This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium. Particularly: “not sure about this”)


booru (plural boorus)

  1. (Internet) A form of imageboard where images are categorized with tags.
    • 2021 February, Retromorpher, Casual Discussion Fridays - Week of February 05, 2021[1]:
      If you could remember the name of the artist, there's a decent chance one of those booru projects have it.
    • 2019 February, Proton Jon, “Twitter - Proton John”, in Twitter[2]:
      We've created a Booru for fanart posts now for the community to use.
    • 2018 December, Neikki, Looking for a "booru" browser[3]:
      I would like an app that let you add booru sites and that can support a large number of them (Danbooru, Safebooru, Zerochan, Anime-Pictures, ...).


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