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born +‎ -ed



  1. (nonstandard) born
    • 1919, Harold Bell Wright, The Re-Creation of Brian Kent[1]:
      "I was borned over there on yon side that there flat-topped mountain, nigh the mouth of Red Creek.
    • 1897, Ruth McEnery Stuart, Solomon Crow's Christmas Pockets and Other Tales[2]:
      Yer 'ain't said nothin' 'bout yo' ma an' de ole black 'oman's baby bein' borned de same day, is yer?
    • 1873, Bret Harte, Mrs. Skaggs's Husbands and Other Stories[3]:
      When he had finally effected his object, and, as it were, safely landed his prize in a chair, Mr. McCorkle took off his hat, carefully wiped the narrow isthmus of forehead which divided his black brows from his stubby hair, and with an explanatory wave of his hand toward his reluctant companion, said, "A borned poet, and the cussedest fool you ever seed!"
    • 1812, James Reynolds, Journal of an American Prisoner at Fort Malden and Quebec in the War of 1812[4]:
      Women deprived of decency are the damdest creatures that ever were borned. 7th.
    • 1908, Edith Van Dyne, Aunt Jane's Nieces at Millville[5]:
      They dresses as fine as the Queen o' Sheba, Tom says; but they romp 'round just like they was borned in the country.