bosom buddy

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bosom buddy (plural bosom buddies)

  1. A very close friend.
    • 1967, Paul O'Neil, "Super Bowl's Superman," Life, 13 Jan., p. 78 (retrieved 23 Nov 2010):
      He made a telephone call to his bosom buddy, drinking companion and confidant, CBS Sports Director Bill MacPhail.
    • 1996, Stephen King, The Regulators, Penguin, ISBN 9781440674211 [1]:
      Although they were far from bosom buddies, she liked Mary Jackson as much as anyone on the street.
    • 2004, Matthew Cooper, "2004 Election: Candidates In the Wings," Time, 15 Nov.:
      Campaigning together frequently this fall, the former rivals became, if not bosom buddies, closer than either ever expected.