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bottomless +‎ -ly


bottomlessly (not comparable)

  1. In a bottomless manner.
    • 1623, Owen Feltham, Resolves, Divine, Moral and Political, London: A. Seile, 9th impression, 1670, XIX. Of the Evil in Man from himself, and occasions, p. 33,[1]
      Who is it, that is so bottomlesly ill, as to love vice, because it is vice? Yet we find, there are some so good, as to love goodness purely for goodness sake.
    • 1929, Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel, Chapter 5,[2]
      Once Daisy, yielding to the furtive cat-cruelty below her mild placidity, took him with her through the insane horrors of the scenic railway; they plunged bottomlessly from light into roaring blackness, and as his first yell ceased with a slackening of the car, rolled gently into a monstrous lighted gloom peopled with huge painted grotesques, the red maws of fiendish heads, the cunning appearances of death, nightmare, and madness.
    • 1956, James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room, Penguin, 2001, Part Two, Chapter 4,
      He laughed; he watched me; the look in his eyes was so bottomlessly bitter it was almost benevolent.