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From Wolof ñuul (black, to be black), Wolof wu ñuula (a person who is black), Wolof fas wu ñuul (black horse), 1890. The original phrase is sometimes offensive in the Wolof language.


  • IPA(key): /bu.ɲul/
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bougnoule m or f (plural bougnoules)

  1. (ethnic slur) wog; raghead; sandnigger; camelfucker (person of North African descent)
    • 2005, “Thé à la menthe”, performed by La Caution:
      Jeune, j'ai le souvenir d'une madame Nicole / Instit' qui pensait qu'un bougnoule n'était pas fait pour l'école
      Young, I remember a Madame Nicole / A primary school teacher who thought that a wog was not made for school

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