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bowel +‎ -less


bowelless (comparative more bowelless, superlative most bowelless)

  1. (obsolete) Without pity.
    • 1716, Thomas Browne, edited by Samuel Johnson, Christian Morals[1], 2nd edition, London: J. Payne, published 1756, pages 49–50:
      If avarice be thy vice, yet make it not thy punishment. Miserable men commiserate not themselves, bowelless unto others, and merciless unto their own bowels.
    • 1792, “Louis XIV,” The European Magazine and London Review, Volume 22, July 1792, p. 8,[2]
      On his coffin at St. Denis, by the side of which stands the urn that contains his bowels, some one wrote,
      C’y gyst sans entrailles,
      Comme il etoit à Versailles.
      What little change in men by death is made!
      Louis the Great here bowelless is laid;
      Such as he play’d the tyrant’s lofty part
      At proud Versailles, and liv’d without a heart.

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