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bowlder (plural bowlders)

  1. Dated form of boulder.
    • 1900, Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton, The Doomswoman[1]:
      Between was the wild valley where cattle grazed among the trees and the massive bowlders.
    • 1913, B. M. Bower, The Gringos[2]:
      His back humped; like a bowlder hurled down a mountain slope he made his rush, and nothing could swerve him.
    • 1920, Harold Bindloss, Lister's Great Adventure[3]:
      The trees on the summit bent in the wind; spray leaped about the bowlders where the white foam rolled.
    • 1924, Edgar Rice Burroughs, chapter 6, in Tarzan and the Ant Men[4], 1st edition:
      The first step in the construction was to outline the periphery of the base with bowlders of uniform size and weighing, perhaps, fifty pounds each.