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branch +‎ point


branchpoint (plural branchpoints)

  1. The point at which a branch occurs
    • 2015 July 11, Néva P Meyer et al., “Nervous system development in lecithotrophic larval and juvenile stages of the annelid Capitella teleta”, in Frontiers in Zoology[1], volume 12, DOI:10.1186/s12983-015-0108-y:
      In c and d’, open arrowheads point to clusters of neurons with FMRF-LIR near the pharynx (stomatogastric ganglia), a closed arrowhead points to a single cell with FMRF-LIR that is anterior to the medial portion of the pharynx, the open arrow indicates the first branchpoint in the anterior enteric nerve (aEN).