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break-dance (third-person singular simple present break-dances, present participle break-dancing, simple past and past participle break-danced)

  1. Alternative form of breakdance
    • 2007, Becky Anderson, In Stereo Where Available:
      Later on, you watch me on the dance floor. I break-dance better than Michael Jackson.
    • 2012, Mike Michalowicz, The Pumpkin Plan:
      I'm not saying he had to break-dance or anything, but a little end-zone happy dance would have been appreciated.
    • 2013, Graeme Brooker, Lois Weinthal, The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design, page xvii:
      Large groups use this space to practice their social dance moves, or teenagers break-dance to music from their portable stereo sets (Fig. 15).


break-dance (countable and uncountable, plural break-dances)

  1. Alternative form of breakdance
    • 2007, Sharon Leah, Llewellyn's Wicca Almanac: A Guide to Pagan Living, page 9:
      In the 1980s, people would gather on sidewalks with a boom box and perform break-dances.
    • 2010, Pap Khouma, Oreste Pivetta, I was an Elephant Salesman:
      They joke back: “Do a little break-dance for us.”
    • 2012, Jess C Scott, Hit the Floor:
      He hit the floor with a series of freestyle moves, singing and gyrating his hips just like Madonna and the bevy of male and female dancers did in the official music video for the song, before moving into dance moves that were Seung-Hyeon's own version of a “break-dance in slow-mo,” which consisted of super-sharp yet smooth, elegantly strong movements Carlos had never seen the likes of before.