brick veneer

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brick veneer (plural brick veneers)

  1. (architecture) A building construction technique in which an external, non-structural, brick wall conceals a structural wall of another material (such as timber or steel).
    • 1997, Steven Bliss, Troubleshooting Guide to Residential Construction[1], page 74:
      Many home buyers like the low maintenance and quality look of a brick veneer home. The veneer will never need painting; it will protect the house from wind (Figure 1); and if the work is done right, the veneer will last the lifetime of the house.
    • 2003, Ali M. Memari, Mohammad Aliaari, Ahmad A. Hamid, Evaluation of Seismic Performance of Anchored Brick Veneer Walls, Paul G. Johnson, Performance of Exterior Building Walls, page 115,
      Brick veneer walls are supported in most cases by shelf angles attached to the floor slab at each story and are supposed to carry only ther own weight and not participate in inplane lateral load resistance [] In this paper, it is discussed how the vertical differential movement between the brick veneer and the frame can close the gap between the underside of the shelf angle and the top course of brick, thus putting the brick veneer under high compressive stresses.
    • 2010, The Complete Guide to Masonry and Stonework, 3rd edition, Black & Decker, page 262,
      And because brick veneer does not require mortar, installation is well within the capabilities of interested homeowners.