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brinkman (plural brinkmen)

  1. One who advocates for brinkmanship.
    • 1958, The Labour Monthly, volume 40, page 18:
      It compels the 'brinkmen' to realise that, if they seek to make war on the Soviet Union, they cannot count on cooperation from Britain or France, and probably not from Western Germany.
    • 1970, John W. Coffey, Realist social thought in America: Reinhold Niebuhr and George F. Kennan:
      The brinkmen Kennan abhorred were supreme realists, and if "the assumption that state behavior is a fit subject for moral judgment" is baseless, then anything, even the realism of atomic blackmail, would be permissible.
    • 1970, Time, volume 96:
      The Syrian force was pulled back quickly and with reportedly heavy losses, but it stayed around long enough to remind the world that the Syrians are still the biggest blusterers and brinkmen in the Middle East.