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brown +‎ nose; scatological.


brownnose (plural brownnoses)

  1. (idiomatic) One who brownnoses; one who sucks up; a bootlicker, ass-kisser, sycophant.
    • 1997 Ulrich Herbert, Hitler's foreign workers: enforced foreign labor in Germany under the Third Reich, Cambridge University Press, p126
      A workmate reported the matter, "which is why the worker threatened to beat up the latter," calling him a "brownnose" and threatening to "wipe the floor with him."
    • 2007 Felicity Young, An Easeful Death, Fremantle Press, p13
      'I know, he's a natural brownnose. I guess he does have some talents.'
    • 2010 Joseph Morse, Gods of Ruin: A Political Thriller, p46
      You don't have to be such a brownnose, at least not to me.


brownnose (third-person singular simple present brownnoses, present participle brownnosing, simple past and past participle brownnosed)

  1. To flatter someone (especially a superior) in an obsequious manner, and to support their every opinion.

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