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Alternative forms[edit]


Origin unknown. Possibly from Slavic *broťь, reconstructed from the plural brusturi, compare ciucure, fagure. Another theory is a derivation of Latin ustulāre (cf. ustura). It has been attempted to link it to a Germanic (Gepid) word *brustilô (silk), but this is unlikely. Finally, it may be linked to a Ladin word bruscandol (hops) found in the local speech of Comelico in northeastern Italy, in this case perhaps being an Alpine word.[1]. Compare Aromanian brushturã, brushtir and Albanian brushtull (ivy).

The word might also originate from the Dacian word riborasta, which also had the meaning of burdock (see List of Dacian plant names).


brusture m (plural brusturi)

  1. burdock


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