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From bud +‎ -less.



budless (not comparable)

  1. Without any buds.
    • 1893, Lily Dougall, What Necessity Knows[1]:
      But now it was afternoon--which, we all know, brings a somewhat more depressing air--and the budless thickets stood so close, so still, Saul became conscious that his load was a corpse.
    • 1911, Edwin Dingle, Across China on Foot[2]:
      For hours we thus toiled up pathways seemingly fitter for goats than men, where leafless trees were bending destitute of life and helpless towards the valley, as the keen wind went sighing, moaning, wailing through their bare boughs and budless twigs.
    • 1920, John Freeman, Poems New and Old[3]:
      THE POND Gray were the rushes Beside the budless bushes, Green-patched the pond.