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Alternative forms[edit]


bung +‎ starter


bungstarter (plural bungstarters)

  1. A tool for opening barrels by removing the bung.
    • 1914: O. Henry, Heart of the West, "Doubleday, Page & company, for Review of reviews co", page 133 - But he had not yet learned to estimate these cool, languid, Southwestern knights of the bungstarter, who had the manners of an Earl of Pawtucket, ...
    • 1929: John Russell, Color of the East, "W. W. Norton", page 229 - The Portuguese equivalent of bungstarter whiffed Angus Jones by an eyelash.
    • 1941: Clark Barnaby Firestone, Flowing South, "National Travel Club", page 138 - "That's where the barkeeper took a bungstarter and killed a man who was shooting wild."
    • 1943: Ernest Thompson Seton, The Preacher of Cedar Mountain, "The Seton village press", page 134 - "Pat, let me have that keg," and the schoolteacher proceeded to hammer around the bung, in the way of the orthodox bungstarter.
    • 1985: Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian, Or the Evening Redness in the West, page 25 - "When he came around the end of the bar he laid down the pistol and he was carrying a bungstarter in one hand".