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From Middle English busily, busiliche, bisili, bisiliche, equivalent to busy +‎ -ly.


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busily (comparative more busily, superlative most busily)

  1. In a busy manner; actively.
    • 1610-11?, Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act III, scene i:
      But these sweet thoughts do ever refresh my labours,/ Most busil'est when I do it.
    • 1934, Henry G. Lamond, An Aviary on the Plains, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, page 5:
      Look at the little fellows, mere bundles of fluff, paddling along so busily and sturdily.
    • 1949 November and December, “Notes and News: By Special Train to Llanfair”, in Railway Magazine, page 409:
      Quite a crowd of townspeople turned out to see the train start, and several pressmen were busily engaged in taking notes and photographs.