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butt +‎ munch


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buttmunch (plural buttmunches)

  1. (Canada, US, slang, derogatory) Term of abuse for a stupid or contemptible person.
    • 1993 September 20, Stuckey, James P., “Re: Serpents/Rangers”, in rec.games.empire, Usenet[1], retrieved 2018-10-04, message-ID <CDnw31.KCH@rahul.net>:
      Oh, now we have buttmunches talking how this is off charter! Isn't that great. Why don't you go find new ways to cheat, Scott?
    • 1999, Rose Wood, Dysinhibition Syndrome:
      At least she knew they were listening, but she responded to her classmate, "Don't you think I know that, you buttmunch?"
    • 2001, Chris Crutcher, Whale talk:
      [] and when some righteous buttmunch like Mike Barbour jacks him up, some ultra-righteous coach, say maybe Simet, has Barbour running stairs.
    • 2007, Peter Morris, Guardians:
      I had a cousin, name was Skeeter, which should tell ya something about what kinda PWT oxycontin-suckin' lowlife hillbilly buttmunch this guy was.