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From the phrase by heart.


byheart (third-person singular simple present byhearts, present participle byhearting, simple past and past participle byhearted)

  1. (India, transitive) To recite from memory.
    • 1989, Gurikar Nanjundasastry Subramanyam, Veena:
      While playing the kruthi, in the veena, the students have to byheart swara, sahitya in vocal then try to play it with the help of the masters to get all the gamakas in the form of sahitya.
  2. (India, transitive) To commit to memory; memorise.
    • 1967, N. B. Sen, Progress of education in free India:
      Another glaring disparity was that the Indian Veterinarian was then forced to byheart the doses of medicines, meant for European cattle and other domestic animals.
    • 1980, Debi Prasanna Pattanayak, Jennifer Marie Bayer, H. L. N. Bharati, Literacy education:
      They said that they had 'byhearted' all the pages. ln ancient times there was great emphasis on memorisation and memory training as word of mouth was the only means of transmitting texts in the absence of faculty of reproduction of []

Derived terms[edit]