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Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin captāre, present active infinitive of captō. Phonetically, it may have resulted from the merger of more than one Latin word originally; the variant form căta is likely derived from the Vulgar Latin form *cattāre (compare Spanish and Portuguese catar, Venetian catar), but various other etymologies have been proposed for the standard form: it has attributed by some as originating from or being influenced by a root *cavitāre, from cavitum, popular form of cautum, or from *cautāre, as a verbal derivative of cautus, or from *cabtāre, as an incorrect pronunciation of captāre, on the basis of a similar transformation from Latin in cases such as presbyter > Romanian preot. Compare also Aromanian caftu, cãftari. [1]


a căuta (third-person singular present caută, past participle căutat1st conj.

  1. to search (for), seek
  2. (reflexive) to be sought


Derived terms[edit]


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