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cœmetery (plural cœmeteries)

  1. Archaic spelling of cemetery.
    • 1794 CE, Sir William Blackstone, Commentaries on the laws of England § IV, pages 113–114:
      However, if any thane, or great lord, had a church, within his own demeſnes, diſtinct from the mother church, in the nature of a private chapel ; then, provided ſuch church had a cœmetery or conſecrated place of burial belonging to it, he might allot one third of his tithes for the maintenance of the officiating miniſter : but, if it had no cœmetery, the thane muſt himſelf have maintained his chaplain by ſome other means ; for in ſuch caſe all his tithes were ordained to be paid to the primariæ eccleſiæ or mother church *.