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  1. (intransitive) to think
  2. (transitive) to consider, to think about
  3. (intransitive) to suppose, to believe
  4. (transitive and intransitive) to imagine


Tone class H
Infinitive ukucabanga
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular cabanga cabange
Plural cabangani cabangeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyacabanga, ngicabanga ngicabanga ngicabange
2nd singular uyacabanga, ucabanga ucabanga ucabange
1st plural siyacabanga, sicabanga sicabanga sicabange
2nd plural niyacabanga, nicabanga nicabanga nicabange
Class 1 uyacabanga, ucabanga ecabanga acabange
Class 2 bayacabanga, bacabanga becabanga bacabange
Class 3 uyacabanga, ucabanga ucabanga ucabange
Class 4 iyacabanga, icabanga icabanga icabange
Class 5 liyacabanga, licabanga licabanga licabange
Class 6 ayacabanga, acabanga ecabanga acabange
Class 7 siyacabanga, sicabanga sicabanga sicabange
Class 8 ziyacabanga, zicabanga zicabanga zicabange
Class 9 iyacabanga, icabanga icabanga icabange
Class 10 ziyacabanga, zicabanga zicabanga zicabange
Class 11 luyacabanga, lucabanga lucabanga lucabange
Class 14 buyacabanga, bucabanga bucabanga bucabange
Class 15 kuyacabanga, kucabanga kucabanga kucabange
Class 17 kuyacabanga, kucabanga kucabanga kucabange
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngicabangile, ngicabangē bengicabanga
2nd singular ucabangile, ucabangē ubecabanga
1st plural sicabangile, sicabangē sibecabanga
2nd plural nicabangile, nicabangē nibecabanga
Class 1 ucabangile, ucabangē ubecabanga
Class 2 bacabangile, bacabangē bebecabanga
Class 3 ucabangile, ucabangē bewucabanga
Class 4 icabangile, icabangē beyicabanga
Class 5 licabangile, licabangē belicabanga
Class 6 acabangile, acabangē abecabanga
Class 7 sicabangile, sicabangē besicabanga
Class 8 zicabangile, zicabangē bezicabanga
Class 9 icabangile, icabangē beyicabanga
Class 10 zicabangile, zicabangē bezicabanga
Class 11 lucabangile, lucabangē belucabanga
Class 14 bucabangile, bucabangē bebucabanga
Class 15 kucabangile, kucabangē bekucabanga
Class 17 kucabangile, kucabangē bekucabanga
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngācabanga ngangicabanga
2nd singular wācabanga wawucabanga
1st plural sācabanga sasicabanga
2nd plural nācabanga nanicabanga
Class 1 wācabanga wayecabanga
Class 2 bācabanga babecabanga
Class 3 wācabanga wawucabanga
Class 4 yācabanga yayicabanga
Class 5 lācabanga lalicabanga
Class 6 ācabanga ayecabanga
Class 7 sācabanga sasicabanga
Class 8 zācabanga zazicabanga
Class 9 yācabanga yayicabanga
Class 10 zācabanga zazicabanga
Class 11 lwācabanga lwalucabanga
Class 14 bācabanga babucabanga
Class 15 kwācabanga kwakucabanga
Class 17 kwācabanga kwakucabanga
1st singular ngizocabanga
2nd singular uzocabanga
1st plural sizocabanga
2nd plural nizocabanga
Class 1 uzocabanga
Class 2 bazocabanga
Class 3 uzocabanga
Class 4 izocabanga
Class 5 lizocabanga
Class 6 azocabanga
Class 7 sizocabanga
Class 8 zizocabanga
Class 9 izocabanga
Class 10 zizocabanga
Class 11 luzocabanga
Class 14 buzocabanga
Class 15 kuzocabanga
Class 17 kuzocabanga