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caldeiro: Iron Age riveted cauldron, Galicia.
cauldrons and spurs. Coat of arms of the Galician Puga family.


From Latin caldārium (warm bath), from calidus (warm, hot).



caldeiro m (plural caldeiros)

  1. cauldron (a large bowl-shaped pot used for boiling over an open flame)
    • 1448, X. Ferro Couselo (ed.), A vida e a fala dos devanceiros. Vigo: Galaxia, page 295:
      hun espeto et hua fouçe et hun caldeiro de cobre
      a roasting jack and a sickle and a copper cauldron
    Díxolle a pota ao caldeiro: "Achégate aló que me luxas!" (proverb)
    The pot told the cauldron: "Go away, you're going to mess me up!" (the pot calling the kettle black)
  2. bucket

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