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calimanco (countable and uncountable, plural calimancos or calimancoes)

  1. Alternative form of calamanco
    • 1862, Charles Dickens, Somebody's Luggage:
      I had our porter up to get under the bed and fetch it out; and though he habitually wallows in dust,--swims in it from morning to night, and wears a close-fitting waistcoat with black calimanco sleeves for the purpose,--it made him sneeze again, and his throat was that hot with it that it was obliged to be cooled with a drink of Allsopp's draft.
    • 1725, Daniel Defoe, Everybody's Business is Nobody's Business[1]:
      What should ail them, but a jacket and petticoat of good yard-wide stuff, or calimanco, might keep them decent and warm.